Exhibition General knowledge

Can Displays4media store our stand for us, and then set it up from the ground at our exhibition venues?
Yes. Storage is available as part of the extensive range of exhibition services. Installation and dismantle of those Displays4media exhibition display stand is also available for purchased or rented stands anywhere in the world.
Can Displays4media products be "tailor-made" to accomodate my individual specifications or are they only available in a limited number of colours and sizes?
Displays4media systems are modular and designed to suit specific requirements. A free stand design service is available to provide you with what your stand will look like before you purchase or rent. Portable kits can also be tailored to your individual requirements. All exhibition stands and display systems can be purchased in a wide range of fabrics, colours and laminates.
I am not always in a position to book the same size of floor space at the numerous events I exhibits. Can I efficiently and easily re-configure my Displays4media stand to fit an array of differently sized areas of floor area?
Use our free stand design service to show you. Look at exhibition stand exhibition stand design examples.
I have just changed the specification of one of my products. How tricky will it be to update and replace the graphic images and information currently held on my Displays4media stand?
Displays4media provide graphics in house so changing your graphics is easy. Send us your new artwork and we'll take over from there.
Do all Displays4media products come with a Lifetime Guarantee?
No. Displays4media products are guaranteed against manufacturers' defects for 1 to 5 years from the time you own your Displays4media display system.
If I am showcasing at a show internationally will Displays4media be able to arrange shipping from the UK and will they be able to provide expert help and assistance on site should I require it?
Yes. Displays4media can arrange shipping and forwarding as well as installation and dismantle of your exhibition stand to any venue internationally. Global Service Partners are based in the key exhibiting locations around the world to provide expert support and assistance in the supply and servicing of your Displays4media exhibition stand.
How will I know how to set up my display when I am at the exhibition hall?
Displays4media supply portable panel display stands, pop up systems and banner displays with easy to use step-by-step instructions. On top of that, more comprehensive instructions can be provided for custom modular exhibition stands specific to your stand design. As an alternative we provide an installation and dismantling service.
Can Displays4media make the graphics for our particular display stand in the event i provide the images?
Yes. Displays4media offer a wide-ranging in-house promotional graphics facility that provides all graphic creation as well as inspiring graphic design. Artwork manipulation services are offered also.
Are you able to design the exhibition stand or displaystand to my individual requirements and might I see a sample of the work?
Displays4media provides a at no cost stand design service that has a colour rendering of your specific display requirements.
What coverage does Displays4media have in other countries?
Displays4media provides worldwide coverage through the international network of manufacturing facilities in the UKand the USA. In addition, Global Service Partners are based in the key exhibiting locations around the world providing invaluable support services to your international exhibiting needs.

Rentals, Hire & Services

I'd like to hire a custom modular exhibition stand from Displays4media - what kits are available?
All Displays4media exhibition stands are hired in white laminate. You can hire a complete stand or put on your purchased stand. Graphics can be added to these panels to create a unique look and style. You can also rent our aluminium extrusion exhibition stand system and add digital fabric graphics.
When I hire an exhibition stand from Displays4media, will I have to assemble it myself?
No. Custom modular exhibition stands are hired on a fully serviced basis. Our services teams handle the installation and dismantle therefore we can organise all on-site related services. You get the full service you would expect whether you purchase or hire.
How long can I hire an exhibition stand?
Custom modular exhibition stands are hired in the course of your show.
Can I hire a Displays4media exhibition stand for use outside the UK?
I'm exhibiting for the very first time and I don't want to commit to purchasing a stand but I want the stand to look fantastic. What can I do?
This is the ideal opportunity to hire a Displays4media exhibition stand. Our design and planning team will design you a wonderful looking stand from our hire inventory. The only person who'll know it's a rental will be your company.
I bought my Displays4media exhibition stand last year however it's not big enough for the show I'm going to this year. It's a one-off trade show and my funds are limited. What can you propose?
Our design department can revamp your existing Displays4media exhibit stand incorporating hire panels to produce a solution that suits the space and application of this year's show. And this solution won't break the bank either!
What's the hire period for any Displays4media portable displays?
All Displays4media portable displays that are available for hire are charged day-by-day.
Am i able to set up a hired portable display for myself?
Yes. Displays4media portable display systems are very easy to assemble and are supplied with comprehensive set-up instructions. We'd normally send displays like pop ups, Twist link banners and information display stands direct to your office or designated venue for you to assemble however, in the event you wish Displays4media to set up the display for you we would be pleased to provide a price.
Displays4media made a beautiful looking stand for us last year but this year the stand space has changed and it really needs to be redesigned. Will I have to pay for this service?
Yes. Displays4media's stand design service is only free if there are additions to the stand.

Promotional Displays

I want to combine graphics, lighting and merchandise on one display unit for a product launch sales promotion in a shopping centre. How could i achieve this using the Displays4media point of purchase display range?
Easily. All Displays4media promotional stands are incredibly versatile and that can incorporate any number of features for a one -off display or many. Our free design service can show you the way.
Will I be able to refresh the graphics in the display unit when the promotion alters?
Yes. Simply remove a piece of extrusion, swap in the graphic and restore the extrusion once you made the switch.
Can I have a point of purchase display designed to my own list of specifications?
Yes. Whatever your requirements Displays4media's free stand design service can produce the solution that's right for your application.
Is it possible to include computer monitors and audio-visual equipment into the design of a Displays4media point of sale display unit?
Yes. Just inform us what you need and our design team will show you a design that's specific to meet your needs.
I'm looking for an alternative to a pop-up system that will fit within a shell scheme. Ideally I would like to include incorporated literature dispensers instead of having a separate unit. How can I achieve this with the Displays4media range of point of sale displays?
Pick the D4M range of promotional display stands. A range of very simple to use and easy to assemble displays which will incorporate literature dispensers in a number of ways. You can also add lighting, table tops and choose from a range of graphic applications.
I'm struggling to come up with the right look for my graphics. Can Displays4media help with this?
Yes. Displays4media offer full creative graphic design service and we produce all graphics in-house. 
I'm ordering a large number of point of purchase units for a national promotional campaign. Each unit needs to go to a different address. How can Displays4media help with these logistics?
Give us the delivery details for your campaign and we'll do the rest.
I'm looking to build a number of window displays for a holiday company. The displays need to include a main promotional graphic in addition to the facility to dispense leaflets. The displays will be placed in the window but have to be accessed from all sides. Am i able to achieve this with the Displays4media point of sale range?
Yes. Displays4media's  promotional displays can be designed in any configuration to suit the requirement. Graphics can be magnetic, fabric or suspended on cables, leaflet dispensers can be very simply integrated into the design plus a walk-around display is easy to achieve with Displays4media's versatile locking extrusions. Our free design service can show you how.
I need to move my Displays4media point of sale display units to quite a few different stores on a regular basis. How easy is it to pack it, transport and build the units?
All Displays4media promotional displays are modular and pack into cases for easy storage and transportation.

Pop-Up Displays

What is the height of the pop-up system?

Standard height for Displays4media's pop up system is 2230mm. A Mini pop-up system is also available with a height of 1842mm.
How much space should i have to display a 3 x 3 curved pop up display?
This display will fit comfortably inside 1m deep x 3m wide stand space.
Can you help me set-up my artwork for a pop up display?
Yes. Displays4media offers a complete studio graphic design service to set up your artwork for you. Alternatively we can send you graphic specification instructions so that you can set the artwork up on your own. Contact our exhibition stand consultants.
How easy is it to combine multiple frames or to make use of a straight and curved frame together?
It's very easy. You can create numerous design constructions combining straight and curved frames. Simply use an end curve panel between the frames to produce the shape and seamless display that you need.
What lighting options are available for the pop-up systems?
You can create dramatic lighting effects easily, highlighting your company name, logo or advertising and marketing message. Options include standard low voltage halogen lights that sit on the top of both straight and curved frames washing the graphics with illumination, lit end curves that grab attention immediately, lightbox panels or for maximum effect a backlit bubble panel to the front of a curved display stand.
What fabric choices are available on the pop up system?
You can choose from a wide range of colours.
Can I incorporate shelving into the pop up stand?
Yes. In a curved pop-up display picking the curved internal shelving unit that provides a lighting option and shelves for displaying lightweight products or literature. External shelving is also available both straight and angled for the curved and straight pop-up display stand
How much of my graphic image will be visible on my pop-up display stand?
All of it. Displays4media's pop-up system provides top to bottom graphics. There aren't any exposed top and bottom plastic strips.
Am i able to use the pop up system with other Displays4media products?
Yes. By using a special linking system you can easily create a sweeping backwall graphic mural in the context of a much large exhibition stand. Our free design service can show you how.
Is it safe to incorporate a computer monitor or television into the pop up system?
Yes. It is recommended that such items are displayed in the centre of the pop-up display using LCD TV's for weight reasons.
I am going to use a pop-up stand on an island site. How can I do that to maximum effect?
Easily. Pop up displays look fantastic with complete walk-round graphics. Without storage facilities it is possible to convert the transport cases into convenient and stylish countertops by simply wrapping them with a graphic skirt. The skirt packs into the case with the structure.
Just how do the panels attach to the pop up frame?
Magnet bars are attached to the pop-up frame and a simple hook fitting is used that remains hidden behind the panel. Hook the panel on both the pop-up frame and the graphics will click into position. Alternatively Displays4media's Magnetic Pop up system uses magnetic hubs and magnetic fittings making it even easier to put together and take apart.
I am going to take my pop-up system overseas. How easy will this be?
The molded wheeled transport case is designed to be sturdy and hard-wearing. A complete 3 x 3 pop-up display complete with lights fits neatly into one case. The case is provided with recessed locks and can be transported in the aeroplane's hold.
What's the easiest way to transport a pop up solution?
In a Compact moulded wheeled pop-up case. A pop up display is designed to be easily pransported by one person. A complete display packs into a single case that can be transported to the venue by car.
I would like a lightweight portable display that I can use to make presentations at conference events and roadshows. How can the pop up display help me?
Displays4media's pop up display system is the perfect solution for just about any conference and tradeshow events. By using a specially configured frame and projection screen we can provide a full conference kit for back and front projection requirements. The system packs into two cases that are easily transported by one-person.
Transportable Panel Systems - Twist link
What height is the Twist link portable panel system and will it fit within a shell scheme?
Twist link is available in two heights. The 2.3m high version is ideal for use within a shell scheme where the ceiling height is at least 2.5m high. The taller 2.35m Twist link portable panel displays are ideal for space only sites, offices, receptions or any venue where a clearance of 2.9m is guaranteed.
How flexible is the Twist link portable panel system and how easy is it to reconfigure?
Twist link has flexibility designed into the system. The system is supplied with the angled links already connected to the panels. To change the configuration simply swap the link for a different angle.
How is the Twist link portable panel system packed and transported?
Twist link panels are extremely lightweight and the whole display can be managed by one-person. Panels pack flat into 1200 x 600mm moulded, wheeled cases that stack for storage and transportation.
Can I add any special accessories to my Twist link display?
Yes. Using shaped table tops, lighting soffits, custom table top supports, cable suspended acrylic shelving and slotwall accessories, it's easy to make your Twist link portable panel display stand out
Can you design an Twist link portable panel display to my specific requirements?
Yes. Our free design service will show you how.
I need to display products and literature and I have promotional graphics. Can I show these on an Twist link portable display system?
Yes. The Twist link portable panel system is so versatile that you can choose from a number of different options and designs to reach the solution that is right for you. A range of load-bearing counters provide useful product display areas and literature can be incorporated in a number of stylish ways. Full height large format magnetic graphics can be incorporated wherever you need them or you may want to choose graphic lightboxes for extra effect.
What amount of time does it take to produce and ship an Twist link display system?
5 working days from receipt of order for a fabric display. If graphics are required delivery is 10 working days from receipt of suitable artwork.

Folding Display Systems

What size panels can I have using a folding display system?

Panel size is 900 x 600mm with 600 x 300mm headers. End curves are offered also.
I want to use my folding display system in different space sizes. How easy is it to do this?
Extremely easy. Folding displays use a 360 degree hinge allowing the panels to be situated in any arrangement that fits the space available. If the space is too small simply fold one set of panels behind the display.
What's the best way to transport a hinged folding display?
Hinged folding kits are portable and lightweight. They are supplied in either carry bags with shoulder straps or 900 x 600mm moulded, wheeled cases.
I need to display lightweight product. How can I do this with a Displays4media folding display system?
The simplest way to display lightweight product and literature is to velcro it to the panels. For products that are too heavy for this, lightweight counters with table tops can be provided.
I actually have graphic panels that I need to show on my folding display system. Can I do this with a Displays4media folding display system?
Yes. Graphics can be produced to velcro onto the system or be made to slide into a special graphic panel for use in a hinged folding kit.

Banner Stands

What's the width of the Displays4media Roll Up banner system?
The single-sided RollUp Banner Stand and double-sided RollUp2 are both 850mm wide. Other sizes are availableupto 1500mm wide.
How is the graphic stored on the roller banner display?
The graphic is stored on a roller that is housed in the base of the display. And due to the fact that it's stored in the base, your graphic is protected.
Do Displays4media PullUpbanner systems come with a carry bag?
Sure. All Rollerbanner stands are provided with a nylon padded carry bag complete with shoulder strap.
Which banner system do I choose if I want the graphic separate from the system?
Choose the cassette banner stand. The system has a separate graphic supplied with a top and bottom fixing strip, a 3-part corded pole and a base. Simply connect the pole together, attach the base to the bottom of the graphic and hook the pole onto the top of the graphic and your banner stand is done.
How can i prevent the edges of the banner graphics curling?
The most effective and guaranteed method of avoiding edge-curling is to use Displays4media's DDS graphic technology. Making use of a single-part substrate delamination and edge-curling is prevented. The colour and resolution is first class.
I would like a graphic display that is wider than the standard widths available with banner systems but which I can separate to use as individual graphics. How can I do this using Displays4media's banner displays?
Use the Linked banner display. Individual Linked banners are joined together using magnetic edge tape. The result is a seamless display of two or more banners together. If you want to use the individual banners separately then you will need to have your artwork set up accordingly.
Once I've decided on a Displays4media banner system how easy is it to change the graphic image?
Super easy. Simply send us your new artwork files and we'll do the rest. Alternatively, Displays4media's graphic design department can design your artwork for you.
I'd like to display my literature alongside my banner stand. How can I do this with a Displays4media banner stand?
Easily. Choose Fuse banner - a single-sided cassette banner stand with attachable literature dispensers as accessories.
I need to change my graphics message regularly. What's the best and most cost-effective way of carrying this out?
Displays4media's Baracuda banner stand uses a cassette mechanism in the base of the banner. The cassette is removable so multiple graphics can be designed and stored in several cassettes. Simply choose which cassette graphic to use and insert it.

Fabric Displays

I want a brand new look for my next exhibition but the display still has to be portable. What would Displays4media recommend?
There are many solutions to this depending on the objectives you have set for the show. One solution could be the new wist portable fabric display system. This display system uses aluminium tubing to create a frame over which is stretched digital fabric graphics.
What accessories are available for the Twist portable fabric display?
You can add header panels for branding or promotional messages as well as cable suspended literature dispensers, lighting and shelving units to the Twist portable fabric display.
How simple is it to transport the Twist graphic display?
So easy. The display system packs neatly into a single moulded wheeled case. It's lightweight because of the digital graphic that simply folds up.

Custom Modular Exhibition Stands

I ve got a number of events with a different size stand space at each. How can the stand look great at each show while avoiding having to buy a new stand each time?
Displays4media's custom modular exhibition stand solutions are modular and reconfigurable, making it easy to change and reposition for future shows. Simply provide us the details with the shows you are attending and we will design your exhibition stand in order that it can be utilized in different spaces at different venues.
I would like to incorporate my own products into your design of the exhibition stand. How will Displays4media manage this when designing the stand?
Very easily. Give us the details/pictures of the products you really want to exhibit and we will design them into your stand for you. As part of our free stand design service you will receive a rendering of your proposed exhibition stand complete with these products you really want to show.
I bought a custom modular exhibition stand from Displays4media last year. But now we've decided to add a few more shows. The stand space at both exhibitions is much bigger and better than we have ever done before and now the custom modular exhibition stands we have is too small. How on earth will Displays4media work around this?
Give us the particulars of the new shows then we can design an exhibition stand using your existing components adding more to account for the extra space. Finishes and colours can all be matched and additional graphics produced. Alternatively, as these shows are new events for you, you can hire the additional components from our standard hire list.
The design of my exhibition stand needs to be modern and very high tech and very graphic intensive however we don't want the stand to take up a lot of room in storage. What's the solution?
Displays4media offer a lots of solutions to the design of a custom modular exhibition stands. By using locking extrusions and large format digital fabric graphics you can achieve a trendy yet tasteful look that's unique to your company with intensive graphic coverage. The stand packs easily and the graphics simply fold up taking much less room in storage than traditional panel based stands.
How long does Displays4media need to make and deliver a custom made modular exhibition stand?
That will depend on the size and design complexity of your respective exhibition stand. We normally quote a minimum of 25 working days from receipt of order, dependant upon the laminate finishes used and the availability of suitable and correct graphic artwork.
From 133.85 - Banner Print area H2000mm x W850mm. The D4M Solo Premium portable pull-up banners are big on presentation yet a lightweight stand.
(Inc VAT 204.42)
A1 size now only 79.00 (was 149.00) The D4M double sided retail "Traffic Stopper" - ideal for shopping malls and pavement displays, or any public area. Get more "traffic" in store with these pavement advertising signs. Signs are ideal for external use.
(Inc VAT 94.80)
A unique tablet display stand suitable for iPads - any version, and can now be customised for almost any tablet - please contact us for details and prices for a display stand for your tablet.
(Inc VAT 105.12)
The FlexiBasic is our basic touch screen kiosk. Perfect height and tilted screen for ease of use and good viewing angle.Superb design and looks great in any environment.
(Inc VAT 3540.00)