Counter Mounted iPad / Tablet Secure Enclosure
£ 235.00 (Inc VAT £282.00)


NB iPad / tablet not included.

Available now for the iPad 2/3/4, iPad Air 1 and 2, the FujitsuQ550 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Microsoft Surface RT Tablet plus more - contact us for current list

 A new stunning counter top iPad display stand with an angled brandable fascia which can be mounted onto desks, tables for added security and sturdiness. The angled fascia is more suitable for interactive purposes than a vertical "poster" style presentation, it is radio friendly and allow WiFi and 3G access (where there is sufficient signal strength already).

Available in either black or white acrylic, the fascia mounts a slightly recessed iPad 2 in Landscape or Portrait presentation. The tablets' "Home and Side" buttons can be concealed or revealed by the fascia. 

The stand is very secure - the mounted iPad is securely held in place by key locks and frames that are not quickly disassembled for access to the iPad. The display stand is fixed to the table or desk making it very secure.

You can apply your own branding to the fascia, and if you want the stand painted to match your brand colours, we will do that.

We do NOT sell, stock or supply tablet computers or applications for them.


Just choose from the options below to specify your iPad info kiosk:

bezel options for ipad counter mount



iPad installation instruction sheet

iPad 1 or iPad 2

Landscape or Portrait

Black or White

Home Button - concealed or revealed

Power and Volume controls - accessible or not accessibleAvailability: The stock listings on this web site are d automatically from our live database, so that we can guarantee availability.

Shipping: Within 2 days upon confirmation of order.

Return Policy: Hardware only (must be in original condition, restocking fees will apply)

Warranty: 5 Year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Customers are advised to read the terms and conditions under our Company Info. section

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