D4M Exhibition Plinths and Towers
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Product: On exhibition stands plinths are used for welcoming visitors, displaying products, dispensing literature, recording enquiries and storing whatever you want, out of site. Add wrap round graphics for impact. There is a variety of materials to from.

Towers can be built to really high heights with custom graphics and various shapes. You can build doors into the towers for safe storage of personal belongings and literature stock, or product storage during closed hours.

Both plinths and towers are also ideal for receptions and showrooms to maximise visitor impact and "show off" product and service capabilities.

Design Fees: From £265.00 + VAT

Graphics: Printed on high quality digital flat bed printers.

Artwork: We will print from approved graphic artwork from your graphic designer, or we can do the artwork design, the choice is yours.

Exhibition Project Management: Full project management service available.

Stand Storage: Please phone for details.

Payment Terms: Stand design - in advance. Graphics and stand build (including installation and decommissioning if required) - 50% with order and the balance on build completion.

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