Slimline Android 50" and 55" free standing digital poster
£ 2,085.00 (Inc VAT £2,502.00)

50" - £2085.00 (leasing - subject to status POA)
55" - £2685.00 (leasing - subject to status POA)


50" Double sided free standing Android digital screen - £4170.00

  NEW - Options now are - with LAN - or with WiFi or with 3G

Add £150.00 to above prices for WiFi / LAN option
Add a further £127.50 to include 3G to the Wifi / LAN price

Subscription required for WiFi / LAN / 3G options:

1 year subscription £75.00 (per screen)
3 year subscription £180.00 (per screen)
Lifetime subscription £345.00 (per screen)

Introducing the new range of HD Slimline Freestanding Digital Posters, with their built in HD media player they require no additional hardware such as PCs, DVD players,excess cables or software, you simply load your media onto a USB stick then plug and play.

Their buttonless tempered glass face, rounded corners, super slim profile and aluminum frame all add to their eyecatching tablet like aesthetics.

The displays are fitted with commercial grade panels providing them with a wide viewing angle, improved colour, contrast and brightness as well as the ability to be used 24 hours a day. With an eco-friendly power timer you can be assured of their green credentials and low operating costs.

Also included is simple and intuitive piece of scheduling software which allows you to Schedule different content to play at different times of the day. As well as this you can add scrolling text to compliment your content and get your message across.

The new Slimline Freestanding Digital Posters also feature HDMI and VGA inputs, allowing you to connect any number of external devices such as a PC or external media player - which can be hidden internally.

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Warranty: 1 Year warranty against manufacturing defects.

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