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Pop up display stands

We offer an extensive range of pop up stands or fabric pop up displays to suit your budget and display requirements.

Call us to discuss your requirement for pop-up display stands.

Graphic Pop-up displays are easily transportable displays that use a trellis structure that is effortlessly opened up and secured to create a dependable structure that stands over 2 metres tall. Graphic display panels are then attached to the pop up displays by using hooks and magnetic bars, resulting in a picture perfect graphic display. 

As we use only the highest quality of printing material, our pop up graphic displays won't curl or de-laminate as time passes ensuring you get the highest quality of display stand.

Fabric pop up display stands - Fabric displays make use of a single fabric piece to cover the display stand. Printed out using a technique called dye sublimation, we push the ink straight into the fabric as opposed to on top of it, to create a printed fabric pop up display stand.

3x3 pop-up displays - click to see more
Print area H2235mm x W3365mm. Create a great impression in under 5 mins. Includes high quality
Price 846.00
(Inc VAT 1015.2)
2x3, 3x2 pop-up display from displays4media
Stands Print area H2235mm x W2692mm. Exhibition space and time at a premium? You can set these pop
Price 740.00
(Inc VAT 888)
portable counters, promotion counter
Looks smart in any setting - as promotional counters in retail or complement an exhibition popup
Price 399.10
(Inc VAT 478.92)
3x3 fabric display stand
All new Eco 3x3 fabric Pop-up stand. Just add and change your stand graphics as often as you want.
Price 639.00
(Inc VAT 766.8)
4x3, 3x4 display stand
Print area H2235mm x W4038mm. In under 5 mins you can set up a fantastic pop up displays. Includes
Price 1022.00
(Inc VAT 1226.4)
fabric 4x3 stand 3x4 stand - displays4media
759.46 All new Eco 4x3 fabric Pop up stands from Displays4media. Just add and change your stand
Price 759.46
(Inc VAT 911.35)
5x3 pop up display stand, 3x5 displays
Display print area H2235mm x W4711mm. Create the right impression in under 5 mins. Includes high
Price 1228.00
(Inc VAT 1473.6)
2x3 fabric stand, 3x2 pop-up display
Visual area H2235mm x W1940mm. Convenience, flexibility, impact, portability - all built in. Use
Price 676.50
(Inc VAT 811.8)
3x3 fabric displays, event stand - displays4media
Visual area H2235mm x W2570mm. Convenience, flexibility, impact, portability - all built in. Use
Price 894.00
(Inc VAT 1072.8)
4x3 fabric pop-up stand, 3x4 display stand - displays4media
Visual area H2235mm x W3090mm. Convenience, flexibility, impact, portability - all built in. Use
Price 949.50
(Inc VAT 1139.4)
5x3 curved stand, 3x5
Stands Visual area H2235mm x W4010mm. Flexibility, impact, portability - all built in. Use your
Price 1146.00
(Inc VAT 1375.2)
pop-up counter - portable and flexible - displays4media
Safely store and protect your Pop-up and graphics in one lightweight container (9 kgs), and on the
Price 132.00
(Inc VAT 158.4)
From 133.85 - Banner Print area H2000mm x W850mm. The D4M Solo Premium portable pull-up banners are big on presentation yet a lightweight stand.
(Inc VAT 204.42)
A1 size now only 79.00 (was 149.00) The D4M double sided retail "Traffic Stopper" - ideal for shopping malls and pavement displays, or any public area. Get more "traffic" in store with these pavement advertising signs. Signs are ideal for external use.
(Inc VAT 94.80)
A unique tablet display stand suitable for iPads - any version, and can now be customised for almost any tablet - please contact us for details and prices for a display stand for your tablet.
(Inc VAT 105.12)
The FlexiBasic is our basic touch screen kiosk. Perfect height and tilted screen for ease of use and good viewing angle.Superb design and looks great in any environment.
(Inc VAT 3540.00)